The Stars of Istanbul Dolphinarium

On this page you will find the detailed information about the real stars of our dolphinarium. If you wish to meet the sea actors and actresses of Istanbul Dolphinarium in person, you are welcomed to come and see their magnificent performances that they present with great pleasure!

How did they come to Turkey?

All the stars of Istanbul Dolphinarium came here from one of the biggest dolphinariums of Russia approximately 1 month before the opening of our facility. In order to ensure the maximum comfort and safety throughout their journey, a special plane was designed. On this plane each of the marine mammals had its own pool in which they stayed during a 2.5-hour flight. To diminish the stress, the trainer of each mammal stayed together with his/her animal in the pool until the plane landed.

Who are awaiting you at Istanbul Dolphinarium?

Judging by our facility’s name you may think that there are only the dolphins that you can see when you visit us. Well, we have a big surprise for our guests: in addition to lovely dolphins the visitors of Istanbul Dolphinarium will meet in person the white (beluga) whale, walruses and northern fur seals. During our show you will see how incredibly sweet and clever these marine mammals are and also you will learn some interesting scientific facts about them. Our ultimate purpose is to make people know the marine mammals better and by doing this we hope that everybody who comes into account with our finned artists starts to care about their kinds and the nature that they live in.

As our show starts the guests receive a warm welcoming from the northern fur seals. One of these young and glowing actors is male and the other is female. Both of them are adult and approximately of the same age, but the female seal is almost two times smaller than the male seal. This is because northern fur seals have extreme sexual dimorphism, meaning that the males of this specie are 40% longer and more than 4.5 times heavier than adult females. Like all the starlets our seals love to display their talents and never get enough of the public’s applauses. If you wish to learn more about northern fur seals, please visit this page.

The next stars of Istanbul Dolphinarium’s show are, like the northern fur seals, pinnipeds (fin-footed mammals). It’s time to put your hands together for the massive walruses! Each of our walruses weights around 950 kg. Just like human body-builders our walruses enjoy a good work-out so their performances involve aerobics, basketball, push-ups and crunches, so no one doubts their good physical condition. They are true promoters of a healthy life-style! But the talents and hobbies of our walruses are not limited to sports – they also know how to have a good fun! One of our walruses enjoys DJ-ing and invites all the guests to its dancing party; the other one comes up the pulpit and shares with the audience the stories of its life. Another passion of our walruses is music – they sing, play saxophone and also do the tango. They are the true international celebrities – you can see the videos of our walruses on many internet sites and they even get some acting proposals from the casting agencies! If you are interested in learning more about the kind our walruses belong to click here.

Literally, the biggest star of our show is the white (beluga) whale. Our white whale is almost 4 m long and weights around 1.000 kg. It expresses its artistic nature in many ways – during beluga whale’s performance you will hear it singing, see it painting a picture and elegantly dancing in the water together with its trainer. The voice of beluga whale is truly exceptional – that’s why it is also called “sea canary”. You can find more information about the white whales here.

The most exciting part of our show, accompanied by hearty applauses, is of course the performance of the dolphins. All the dolphins that live in Istanbul Dolphinarium are pool-born and very experienced actors. They are famous for their water ballet and singing performances. They are also very agile in acrobatics – their jumps, somersaults and balancing tricks leave our guests truly astonished. The most thrilling part of the dolphins’ show is the game of basketball they play together with their trainer – watch them taking a perfect jump-shot to the basket hanging as high as 3 m above the pool.

In addition to our dolphins’ magnificent performance during the show, DAT and swimming session, one of the female dolphins made Istanbul Dolphinarium proud and happy by giving birth to a healthy baby dolphin in 2011. At the moment the mother dolphin dedicates all her time to upbringing the baby, so she left the stage to her pinned colleagues. And our new star despite the young age shows great intelligence and skills – according to the trainers the future of the little one seems to be very bright!

To learn more interesting facts about bottlenose dolphins, please visit this page.