Dolphin Assisted Therapy

Dolphin Assisted Therapy (DAT) is a supportive alternative therapy mostly effective for children 3 - 16 years old. Scientific studies have shown that DAT is beneficial for children with following disorders:

- Pervasive Development Disorders (PDD): Autism, PDD-NOS, Asperger Syndrome
- Down Syndrome
- Posttraumatic Stress Disorder (a disorder developed in children which were subjected to various psychological traumas, such as loss of the care-givers, sexual abuse, violence, and the like)
- Speaking difficulties
- Chronic Fatigue Syndrome
- Attention Deficiency & Hyperactivity Disorder
- Cerebral Palsy / Spasticity
- Involuntary movements and spasms

There are few contradictions (in terms of safety and health issues) for participating in DAT. These contradictions are as follows:

- The presence or history of epilepsy
- Contagious diseases
- The presence of any health problems which could be negatively effected by swimming in the water of 24-26 C temperature.

sosyal sorumluluk

At Istanbul Dolphinarium DAT is run under supervision of professional dolphin trainer, DAT therapist / psychological counselor. The therapy course is designed individually for each child. In order to achieve optimum effects and to fix them, the specialists recommend a 10-session course to start with. However, the number of sessions may be increased or decreased in accordance with child’s response to the therapy. To learn more about how DAT works, click here.