Social Projects
Social Projects: July, 2011 – July, 2012
sosyal sorumluluk

From the day of Dolphinarium’s opening we are continuing to run our social projects without a break! Between July, 2011 and July, 2012 we hosted 4,721 children free of charge and gave them a chance to encounter the amazing world of sea mammals and encouraged them to care about the nature of our planet. A big part of these children were physically or mentally challenged, so a visit to Istanbul Dolphinarium was a contribution to their social lives and a way to show that they are an equal part of our society. In organizing the visits for challenged children we were supported by Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality’s Department of Health and Social Services, Municipality of Eyup district, and numerous rehabilitation centers, foundations and civil non-profit organizations of Istanbul. In addition to the challenged children we have also invited the kids of low-income disadvantaged families.

One may get a wrong impression that only Istanbul children can benefit from our social projects. In fact, we hosted many little guests from other cities of Turkey. First being the victims of the Van Earthquake – together with the stars of our show we tried to make them forget the calamities they’ve witnessed. In association with Police Headquarters of Diyarbakir Province we have organized the visit for the group of school children living in that area. Also, we have invited the group of children from Siirt who are been treated at Children Hematology Department of Istanbul University Medicine Faculty Hospital to cheer them up and fasten their recovery.

A wounded dolphin that hit the Black Sea coast is saved!
sosyal sorumluluk

A wounded dolphin that hit the shore of Black Sea at Agacli Koyu area of Istanbul was saved and transferred to the Sea of Marmara by Istanbul Dolphinarium team with the support of Istanbul Municipality Veterinary Department. Click here for the full story and pictures (in Turkish).

Visit of Istanbul’s Governor (January, 21st 2010)
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In collaboration with Istanbul Headquarter of Turkish Ministry of Education, Istanbul Dolphinarium had organized a special show for 500 secondary school students. Among the official guests was the Governor of Istanbul (Mr. Muammer Güler) who gave a speech after the show and congratulated the students with the successful completion of the 1st semester.

Children’s Day Celebration (April, 23rd 2010)
sosyal sorumluluk

One of the numerous celebrations of Children’s Day in Turkey was held in Istanbul Dolphinarium. 1000 students of Rising Classroom Program (the education program for children who can not go to school for various reasons) were invited to watch the special show together with their peers from foreign countries – 200 students from Georgia, Russia, Bulgaria and Romania. State officials from Istanbul Governorate and Ministry of Education have also come to Dolphinarium to congratulate children with their holiday.