Swimming and Diving with Dolphins
Swimming with Dolphins

Swimming with dolphins at Istanbul Dolphinarium will easily relieve you from daily stress and worries. Touching and hugging the dolphin is definitely giving a person a charge of positive energy. Our indoor pool with the sea water is heated during winter months, so you can swim with the dolphins all year around.

To swim with the dolphins one should:

- Know and be able to swim
- Be over 10 years old in winter months and over 6 years old in summertime
- Not wear any jewelry or accessories
- You have to book your swimming session in advance by calling or reaching us via e-mail.
To learn about the prices of swimming sessions, please click here.

Diving with Dolphins
sosyal sorumluluk

person might get slightly anxious before entering our diving pool. However, as you get into the water, you will immediately feel that there is no need for any worry, because the dolphins Prince, Princess, Matilda and Gera, together with the beluga whale named Sea-farer, are exceptionally welcoming hosts. They will cheerfully meet and greet you underwater as you enter the pool. They will swim around you with grace and dynamism as if encouraging you to do the same. Shortly after you get acquainted, they will start to show you their natural playfulness. They will demonstrate their “back glide” swimming technique, and approach you with “stroke me!” look in their eyes, and eliminate any possible doubt about their friendliness. Under water you will be able to here the sounds they make, and that will bring you peace. There is a number of physiological and psychological benefits of communication between the dolphins and human beings.

If you do not have any diving certificate, find out about our scuba diving course here.

sosyal sorumluluk

When you are finished with diving and leave the pool the dolphins and beluga will look at you with a “come again” expression. So do not waste your time and give yourself a chance to get away from noisy and stressful city life into the tranquility of the underwater personal space created by diving.

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